No quick whips or phrases.

Paul M. Elsdon
Spread Peace.
Hakuna Matata.

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Do you ever just forget that weed is illegal?

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i need a moment

I thought this was gonna be exactly like how it was in the show…. boy was I wrong

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I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.



These advertisements address different types of issues, but they’re all about giving a voice to the voiceless. Most of us love animals, and yet we remain ignorant of or apathetic towards the abuse of domestic or circus animals or the extinction, poaching and over-harvesting of wild populations. If you’re an animal lover, consider putting your time or your money behind one of these noble campaigns!

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I don’t regret the things I’ve done, I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.
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